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University Production Unit

Production unit, under the Department of Pharmacy, School of Science was initiated within the central campus premise with the mission of making the University independent in daily use sanitary and hygiene related products. The aims and objectives of the unit are:

  1. To manufacture the quality and economical sanitary and hygiene related products
  2. To supply these products within the university
  3. To conduct research on the formulation and development of sanitary and hygiene related products

This unit is manufacturing following products

  1. Liquid hand wash soap
  2. Liquid dish wash soap
  3. Liquid glass cleaner
  4. Liquid toilet cleaner
  5. Disinfectant (phenyl based )
  6. Disinfectant (chlorine based)
  7. Alcohol based sanitizer

These all the products are manufactured by using latest technology and equipment. Quality of the products are tested and assured according to the guidelines of Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology. These products are distribute to within university as per the demand.

Faculty and staff involved in this unit are:

  • Mr. Anup Luitel, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy and In-charge of the Production Unit
  • Mr. Shivaram Neupane, Production Unit