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Departmental Clubs

Kathmandu University School of Science has 6 departmental clubs. These clubs are formed to facilitate students different activities and acedamic support. In addition to different activities organized by the respected clubs, these clubs helps amplifying the voices of students towards different student problems. Also these clubs organizes various workshops, seminars and extra curricular activities to develop leadership, motivation and physical welness. 

Departmental Clubs:

  • KU Forum for Pharmacy (FOP)
  • KU Computer Club (KUCC)
  • KU Biotechnology Creatives (KUBIC)
  • Nature and Social Concern Society (NSCS)
  • KU Computational Mathematics Club (KUCMC)
  • Forum for Environmental Conservation and Management (FECAM)

Inter-Departmental Clubs:

  • AIESEC Kathmandu University
  • Amnesty International Nepal Kathmandu University Youth Network (AIKUYN)
  • Kathmandu University Robotics Club (KURC)
  • Kathmandu University Youth Red Cross Circle (KUYRCC)
  • KU Society of Music and Culture (KUSMC)
  • Rotaract Club of Kathmandu University (RTC-KU)