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Message from the Dean

Office of the Dean, School of Science (KUSOS), Block 06 Room Number 205


It is an incredible privilege for us to have you all join us here at the School of Science (SoS) in Kathmandu University, which is located in Dhulikhel, Kavre, Nepal.

The School of Science (SoS) at Kathmandu University paved the way and is now a world class school that proudly represents our country, Nepal, in the global arena. Kathmandu University is the first autonomous, not-for-profit, self-funding public institution in Higher Education in our country and School of Science programs is one among it.

We, the SoS, began our journey in higher education with studies in Biotechnology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Physics, and Life Sciences. As a result of our Graduate and Post Graduate programs, we are in a stronger position now.

We are firmly committed to putting our attention and energy into establishing new benchmarks of excellence in each of the following areas:

  • Investigation geared toward solving some of the most pressing problems facing modern society today.
  • Students receive an education that equips them with the skills they need to become the future's agents of change.
  • Access that is both equal and equitable for as many people as possible to pursue successful careers in the sciences.
  • Innovation in global business fostered by entrepreneurial endeavors that introduce novel concepts to existing companies.

It is not a secret that COVID 19 has impacted everyone with a great deal of education, particularly within the field of higher education. Because of Covid 19, the entirety of the planet has been thrust into a brand new period, one that is fraught with both fresh difficulties and brand new opportunities.

The occurrences that took place during the Covid 19 have imparted a great deal of knowledge upon us regarding the importance of resiliency, fairness, and sustainability. The existing educational system needs to be reimagined in order to meet the demands of the changing world and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

As a result, the School of Science has come to the realization that it is very important to train students in both technical and non-technical abilities in preparation for the new opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.Research is incredibly important to our School (SoS), which is why we put so much effort into it. Both in terms of making a fundamental contribution to academic knowledge and in terms of developing technology that has an influence on people's everyday lives, SoS is striving to be the best it can be.

Prof. Janardan lamichhane, PhD

Dean, School of Science