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Scholarship Scheme

Scholarships in KU SOS program:

  1. Scholarship for UNG students:

  • KU SOS Scholarship:

    It is focused for meritorious and needy (economically weak) students successfully admitted in KU UNG programs. For each 30 fee paying students, student will be admitted on full or partial scholarship (equivalent to the fee of one student).This scholarship is provided to 1 st year students at the time of admission, first time on need basis and then based on their academic performance reviewing annually. They need to maintain a minimum total GPA of 3.0 to continue in each academic year. Also, it will not be regular for students who have to appear compartmental exams and who does not maintain discipline.

  • KU Loan Scholarship:

    Under this category, a loan will be provided to the selected students enabling them to meet 25% to 50% of total fees charged by the university. This scholarship depends on available fund in each UNG program of SOS as per KU rule. In this scholarship, the student must sign a contract paper with the 2 university (as a bond paper) for its refund. Other conditions are same as that in KU scholarship. The number of this scholarship offered in this scheme depends upon the available scholarship fund which in turn is dependent on the return/payment of the loan received by students in earlier years.

  • KU Graduate Assistantship:

    This scholarship is focused for M.Sc. / M.S. by research, M. Phil. and Ph.D. students of SOS based on their academic performance or expertise. In this category, student is provided teaching assistantship to waive the tuition fee.

For further details, please contact School of Science. Dhulikhel, Kavre.

For full details about scholarship scheme for all the programs of Kathmandu University, Please find the attachment below: